Vortex Racing Sprockets and Chains
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Vortex Racing produces the finest sprockets available! Vortex Racings CNC manufacturing process creates extremely precise and perfectly round sprockets, thereby transerring more power and providing longer life than competitors sprockets that are created using the less expensive and less precise 'gear-hobbing' method. Vortex Racing sprockets also incorporte the 'ideal' tooth design. Created over years of research and development, the Vortex Racing exclusive ideal tooth design dramatically increases the service life of the sprockets. Vortex Racing rear sprockets are made from 7075 'aerospace'; aluminum, the strongest and lightest material for the application. Vortex Racing front sprockets are created from the highest quality induction hardened steel for maximum durability and life.

Not only are Vortex sprockets standard equipment on exotic machines such as the 150HP Buell XBRR, but independent superbike, drag bike and off-road race teams have found that Vortex sprockets are superior to all other aluminum sprockets. They found that Vortex sprockets not only hold up better, but also last far longer than they previously anticipated a aluminum rear sprocket would last. Many independent race teams use Vortex Racing sprockets exclusively, even though they are not sponsored by Vortex. This is why when you go to a professional AMA race you find that Vortex sprockets are used more than any other brand.

Vortex sprockets are available in many different colors and for almost every brand of motorcycle: Aprilia, Ducati, Honda, Husquavarna, Kawasaki, KTM Suzuki and Yamaha.

 sprockets by Vortex Racing